Hey ! Why should I be afraid

They know that I was there

They say I deserve it

Gray, the color of the walls

The world, even my soul

Do I have the right to complain

Walk, to occupy the mind

Aware of wasting time

Frustrated like a beast in cage

Pain is everywhere around

Silent or shouting loud

Soothing the families of the dead

Repeat the words in your head

Try to believe it’s not real

Wake-up with a knot in your stomach

Get up as a shadow of yourself, you know

You won’t be able to sleep again

Welcome to your worst nightmare

I wanna die before they do it

I have suffered enough already

Wanna go back in time, start again

Rebuild my life, change everything

Hey ! Why should I be afraid

Everyone knows the end

They say they will take care of me

White, the color of the walls

My sheets even my tongue

Pipes everywhere and shiny head

Talk, to understand more words

To stop making it worse

To do as if everything’s well

Prey cause it’s all that remains

When hope disappears in

The eyes of the men in blouses

Feel the warmth of the sunlight

Unable to heat-up your wounded heart

You see, time flies

But sadly life has no more meaning when

You know how it ends

Written by Diane GIANNELLI

Proofreader : Paul-Thomas CESARI